Raise Your Digital Game

Are your pixels huffing and puffing when they should be converting? If so, let’s hit the digital gym and whip your online game into shape.  2017 and your business need more qualified leads and running a tired strategy another year will only make your competition happy.

So first, grab your logo.  How does it look to you?  Scratch that.  How does it look to your clients and customers?  Google, eBay and the big internet brands modernize their logo all the time.  Why?  Because markets change, people change, and your options to reach people have changes.  Your older logo was likely designed for different market conditions.  So modernize.

The digital dust is settling and the new era of marketing is more defined than ever. The new world marketing order has certain preferences, dimensions and facts that affect your conversion rates.  So secure a good team and re-align the brand.

Next up is your communications.  Grab every piece of your organization’s communication and skim for brand alignment.  If you are struggling on this step, then it may be time to rewrite your mission statement or ask for another set of eyes.

Identify the core pieces and messages that must be in each piece and ensure that happens. I find brand refreshes entirely satisfying, for when they are completed properly, organizations are more aligned, customer focused and ready to succeed.

Now zoom out a bit.  Thinking high level, pencil out 3 marketing strategies to achieve your goals.  Seriously, create 3 quickly and then give yourself 1-2 days of ice time.

After some ice time, review each strategy for its strengths and weaknesses.  Make your best effort to blend the best of each plan.  And if not obvious, be sure to scrap the worst of each plan.  Now you will be closer to a harmonious marketing plan that maximizes marketing dollars/impact, proudly represents your brand, and speaks authentically to your audience.

The final step is easy, roll it out!  Just be sure to track your key metrics. After all, the only way to see if you raised your digital game, is to keep score.