Inspire Your Performance

What inspires you?  I mean, what really inspires you?  Can you say it out loud?
Try it, please say it out loud.
It’s tricky, isn’t it?

The question is so enormous and so simple at the same time.  But much like your digital presence, many of us will struggle to articulate it quickly and concisely.  Personally, I’d like your digital goals to be simple and your related digital persona so sleek and smooth that it inspires.

Many well-intentioned organizations lose sight of their inspiration.  This lack of inspiration leaves their communictions (websites, landing pages, emails, social post, ads, etc.) to slowly losing conversion.  So let’s start circle back to the beginning…

What inspires you?  What inspires you to run your organization in its current fashion?  What inspires you to help your customers succeed?  What about your communications plan will inspire customers to trust you with their project, business, or assets?

The sight of a Calla Lily is one of many things that inspire me.  My first daughter’s name was chosen for the beautiful herbaceous perennial flowering plant.  And seeing the flower reminds me of how beautiful life can be when simplicity and elegance reign.  Lilly, my 1st daughter, elegantly and delightfully dances through her life with such a simple/light hearted manner.  Could your message use a hug and some simplicity?

So as you ponder your inspiration for your project, may I prod you along a fruitful path?  Please be inspired by the simple.  Be inspired by the elegance of communicating efficiently with your audiences.  Be straight in your digital dealings.  Allow your audience to absorb the beauty of your communications and associate that effectiveness with your brand.

My take is your customers will be inspired to business with you, a team with a service offering elegantly simplified to be relatable.