Leave No Pixel Behind

I see dead pixels everywhere.  Whether via a website or poorly structured email, neglected, minimized, alienated and unappreciated pixels are everywhere.  Why?  Why do businesses and marketers choose to let plague-like pixels infest their website and digital presence?  Do they lack creativity, vision, prowess or eyeglasses?  Do they intentionally try to confuse their clientele and lower conversion rates?  Or are they complacent, satisfied with the status quo and being just barely better than the competition?

In the end, it does not matter ‘why’ it has happened.  What matters is that you raise your right hand and pledge to fight for your pixel’s performance.  Turn your digital assets around and examine each from different perspectives.

  • What outcome do you desire?
  • Do your pixels line up with your mission?
  • Do you paint a clear picture?
  • Are your ‘money’ pixels easy to find, or camouflaged?

If you think you have some underachieving pixels, you are not alone.  Every organization is losing pixels and their digital edge at some capacity.   My opinion is that poor pixel portfolios do not discriminate.  Large and small organizations are equally offensive, but for different reasons.

But as mentioned prior, the beauty of this problem is that it is a) fix-able and b) the reasons for past poor performance don’t matter.  What matters the most, is your response the problem.  Acknowledge you have a pixel problem, decide to fix it, and take the pledge… “I shall leave no pixel behind”.

Congratulations.  There is no going back, you too shall now have the gift of seeing your pixels for what they are.  And that is a very fine start indeed.