Spice Up Your Marketing Message

Wake up and smell the peppermint mocha!  Big brands personalize their message for special events and seasons, and so should you! As I sit in a toasty Starbucks, sipping hot caramelized caffeine, I marvel at their seasonal décor, drink names, and recipes.  Why do they do it year after year?  I reason it is for 3 sound reasons.  1) Customer’s grow bored of the same old same old.  2) Customers change throughout the year, why not meet them halfway with a message that is more appropriate.  3) It clearly must help sales, otherwise they would have cancelled the seasonal promotions when it didn’t work.  So prevent or thaw your sales cold snap with a new message and eye catching campaign.
How can you personalize your digital and print marketing communications?  To begin, first identify when your audience will be in a different state of mind.  Now armed with these specific time windows (say 11/27 – 12/27 – Holiday, 12/28 – 1/10 New Years resolutions, etc.  Now think about how you can alter your message to catch their attention. Finally, tastefully implement the plan to ensure it was brand additive.
So what are you waiting for?  Grab a cup of joe, your marketing calendar and start brainstorming!   If you’re stuck, give me a call. Your customers, brand and bank will thank you.